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A Dystopian YA Novel


The Overlander is a futuristic, YA book set in dystopian Australia, where water is the most valuable asset and hybrids fight for their rights and freedom. 

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My Story

Jenny Brigalow is an author of all kinds of fiction, having dabbled in writing young adult, romance, new adult, fantasy, paranormal and steampunk novels… just to name a few. 

Born in Britain, she went on holiday to Australia as a young woman, returning home 32 years later in 2017 to resettle in Devon. Jenny started putting the ideas and stories that had always lingered and played out in her mind on paper after she was bed bound from a back injury. After her recovery, the love she’d discovered in creating tales of adventure, romance and hope remained, and the novels continued. Previously published by Escape (Harlequin), Jenny is now set to publish The Overlander, a YA, dystopian novel set in Australia. In 2010 The Overlander won a place in a competition co-run by the Queensland Writers Centre and publishers, Allen and Unwin.  

Writer aside, Jenny is a slightly scary mother of two girls, a chocoholic, the proud owner of a battle scarred Jack Russell - and of course, she still believes in magic.


The Overlander

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